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By using our service, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree, to these terms and conditions.

We will always clean your shoes to the best standard for the service that you have requested. We will always give you our opinion on which treatment we think would be best for your shoes.



We use highly specialist cleaning products within each treatment, however this does not guarantee to remove all stains, defects and faults which were previously camouflaged in manufacture and may become more apparent after the cleaning process.



With age, leather and suede shoes can become worn and discoloured. Dirt on the shoes can sometimes hide wear & tear which can be exposed during cleaning. It is not our cleaning that has caused this damage and so we will not be liable for it.



Dirt can also be mistaken for shine, which in the cleaning process will be removed. We are not responsible for the loss of shine during the cleaning process.



We cannot guarantee the removal of all stains. Linings that are heavily stained may be particularly difficult to clean satisfactorily. The basic price of cleaning does not include the removal of heavy or ingrained stains.

Some types of stains may not be removable from Suede/Nubuck and stains already present may become more obvious with cleaning. Because of the nature of the material, significant improvements are not always possible. In some cases, colours can become faded with cleaning, and any embossed print can be affected.



The more work that is required to clean your shoes the more processes and products will be required. This may in certain circumstances slightly alter the way your shoes feel. At all times we will endeavour to keep the item to as near to the original as possible.



We know that branded shoes can be expensive and that sometimes people will not want to pay the price labelled, so instead will buy replica shoes.



We will clean and treat any shoes that are booked in with us regardless, but we would like to make you aware that if any damage is done to the replica shoes whilst being cleaned, we will not take responsibility for them.



Replica shoes are sometimes made differently to the original branded shoes. Meaning different materials are used which look the same but in reality are not.



Just let us know that you understand and agree to all of the above and we will get your shoes looking BOXFRESH again in no time. 

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